Mercedes-Benz R107 (560SL) Road Trip – Will It Make It?

Mercedes R107 / 560SLSalt Lake City, UT to Durango, CO

The time has finally come for the new (to me) 1987 Mercedes 560SL to prove its worth, and it’ll do it with a 780 mile road trip! I’ll be heading from Salt Lake City to Durango, CO, just a little jaunt, something to let the car stretch its legs and hopefully get me there without trouble.

No doubt, the car is old. But it’s only got 70,000 miles from new which is practically a baby in R107 years. These cars are routinely selling with 200,000 miles on the clock. Certainly if the cars can get that many miles, this one can handle a little springtime run though the desert to a neighboring state. Right?

Well, we’ll see. This will be a top-down trip and skies are forecast to be clear and the air should be mostly in the 70s with mountain passes in the upper-60s. No problem. I’m curious about gas mileage — the car is heavy and it’s got a 5.6 liter V8 under the hood. A lot of questions remain to be answered. I’ll know a lot more by tonight.

[UPDATE] It made it. In fact, while the drive was wonderful and pleasant and all that, as far as reliability is concerned the trip was very anticlimactic. The car drove wherever I asked and there was no drama. Excellent experience.

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